Tadcaster Chronology

The following are dates of events in or affecting Tadcaster.  Where the complete date is known it is formatted as Year Month Day.

0 to 1000 AD

71York founded by Romans
Ermine Street diverted via Tadcaster (date unknown)
600Probable date for construction of ditch around west Tadcaster
601First York Minster
627First wooden York Minster replaced with stone building
640St Heiu moves to Tadcaster
866Danes establish kingdom in York
954Expulsion of Eric Bloodaxe, last Danish king of York
993Vikings ravage Yorkshire

1000 to 1500 AD

1066 09 24Harold Godwinson in Tadcaster before Battle of Stamford Bridge
1067William de Percy to England
1069William the Conqueror in Tadcaster
1070Building of York Minster begins
1086Domesday Book shows two mills and a fishery in Tadcaster
1147Sawley Abbey near Clitheroe founded, sponsored by William de Percy
1150First stone church in Tadcaster
1158Earliest recorded vicar (Ernald) of Tadcaster
1180Narrow south aisle added to church
1186Tadcaster Hospital given to Sawley Abbey by Matilda, daughter of William de Percy
1189Lands in Tadcaster given to Sawley Abbey by Matilda, daughter of William de Percy
1209 04 14King John in Tadcaster
1271Henry III issues Charter for a market in Tadcaster
1280North aisle added to church
1291Erection of York Minster nave
1318Scottish raid – Tadcaster church destroyed
1318Edward II in Tadcaster
1341Tax lists show two breweries or brewhouses
1349Black Death in Tadcaster
1378Poll Tax showed population of Tadcaster as 60 married couples and 23 single adults
1380Church had been rebuilt following destruction by the Scots in 1318
1408Battle of Bramham Moor
1420-1480Tower, north chancel and porch added to church
1461Battle of Towton
 1471Edward IV and Duke of York (Richard III) pass through Tadcaster
1471Tadcaster bequest for “makyng of the sakiryng bell”
1476Alan Stopper of Tadcaster left £3.6s.8d for the new work to be done on the bell tower at St Mary’s Church
1483 08Richard III met at Tadcaster bridge
1486Work on church west window
1486Henry VII met on Tadcaster bridge

1500 to 1700 AD

1505Owen Oglethorpe born at Newton Kyme
1508Princess Margaret (Henry VII’s daughter) to Tadcaster
1529Bequest for making co-operandum of bells, St Mary’s Church
1536Sawley Abbey closed in Dissolution of the Monasteries
1540John Leland, Henry VIIIs historian, in Tadcaster
1557Tadcaster Grammar School founded
1570Earliest surviving parish records for Tadcaster
1589Stanhopes in residence at Grimston Park
1603James I passed through spending the night at Grimston Park with the Stanhopes
1604Plague hits the town – between Sept 1603 and June 1604, 120 deaths
1611The map of the Percy land in the Parish of  Tadcaster drawn for Henry Percy 9th Earl of Northumberland
1617James I passes through Tadcaster
1635Royal Mail established
1642 03 23Charles I met at Tadcaster bridge
1642 12 07Battle of Tadcaster – Fernando Fairfax (Parliament) v Earl of Newcastle (Crown)
1644First reference to a Postmaster in town
164538 plague victims in Tadcaster June-August 1645
1654Quaker meetings held in town
1654Barbara Siddall causes disturbance in church
1655Robert Morley is Postmaster
1658 06 25First recorded burial in Quaker Burial Ground, Grace Siddall, mother of William, who gave the ground to the Quakers
1665 08 04James Duke of York ( future James II) lodged in town
1672Descendant of Robert Morley registers The Ark as a Quaker Meeting Place
1677George Fox, Quaker founder, visited Tadcaster
1682Duke of Somerset (the Proud Duke) becomes Lord of the Manor
1683Coaches from York to London passing through Tadcaster
1694Alexander Hopwood registered his house near the Bay Horse public house as a Quaker meeting place
1696John Wharton registered his house as a Quaker meeting place
1699River bridge rebuilt

1700 to 1800 AD

1700Duke of Somerset’s House, Kirkgate built
1711Joseph Brooksbank buys manor of Healaugh from Lord Wharton
1711Roman villa at Kirkby Wharfe discovered
1714Joseph Brooksbank builds new manor house near Healaugh church
1716 – 1719Some Quakers baptised into the established Church, including Barbara Siddall
1728Large brewing vessels recorded as belonging to Thomas Beaumont
1730Gallery at west end of St Mary’s Church erected
1737Stanhopes depart Grimston.  Garforths take over Grimston
1740Doncaster – Tadcaster Turnpike opens (via Wingate Hill)
1745Tadcaster – Hob Moor Turnpike opens
1746Big wooden box arrived in St Mary’s Church – later used to hold important documents
1750Shann House built
1753Tadcaster – Halton Dial Turnpike opens
1753Tadcaster bridge modified to reduce steepness of approach, plus some widening on west side.
1758Tadcaster – Otley Turnpike opens
1758 04 03Petition to restore the church by raising it to avoid flooding
1758Stephen Hartley becomes manager of Ann Beaumont’s brewery
1759John Wesley preaches in Tadcaster
1760Bells from Skipton church sent to Tadcaster (probably intended for scrap)
1764St Mary’s Terrier refers to 3 bells (probably included bells from Skipton)
1764St Mary’s Terrier refers to a church clock
1765John Wesley preaches again in Tadcaster
1769 07Handel’s Messiah performed at St Mary’s
1773First Methodist Chapel, High St
1776Faculty granted to erect another gallery at the church
1777William Backhouse took over White Horse from Mr. Todd
1783Lord Egremont leases “Ingleby’s Mill” to Richard Allenby
1784C & R Dalton, York cast 6 bells for St Mary’s Church
1785Healaugh Manor built
1786 12Tadcaster becomes a “Post Town”
1788Girl’s Sunday School opens
1789Doncaster – Tadcaster Turnpike diverted via London Road
1790Garforths depart Grimston.  George Townend moves in.
1791River bridge widened
1791Enclosure Act for Tadcaster housed in box in Church for inspection
1792Last burial recorded in Quaker Burial Ground
1792Steam Cotton Mill constructed downstream of the bridge on east side of river
1794Significant flood affected the church
1794Benjamin Brooksbank starts planning Healaugh Hall bridge
1795Philippa Brooksbank records new windmill being built between Wighill Lane and river
1795Henrietta Dawson bequest for a Middle Class Girls’ School
1795 03Serious flood of river – church under water by 5 feet
1796Windmill complete
1796 08Healaugh Hall bridge collapses during construction
1796 12Healaugh Hall bridge in use
1797Lord Egremont survey of properties
1798Corn Mill leased to Richard Allenby
1798Mill House built by Richard Allenby

1800 to 1900 AD

1802Faculty for a further gallery at the church
1804New clock installed at St Mary’s Church
1807Weir rebuilt
1810Canal from Knaresborough to Tadcaster proposed
1812 01 21Townend and Rishworth Bank fails
1812George Townend, Grimston dies
1812John Allenby leases “Ingleby’s Mill”
1815 06 01Steam Mill advertised for sale – it had been converted to a Corn Mill
1815 05 15George Townend Grimston House Estate advertised for sale
1819 Grimston Park sold by Ann Townend
1819John Francis Cradock, 1st Baron Howden bought Grimston
1820 09Proposed railway Pately Bridge to Bolton Percy published
1820 09Wharfe Navigation proposal by George Leather
1822 10 14Steam Corn Mill advertised for sale
1823 07Miss Tasker’s seminary for young ladies opens at the Vicarage
1828Church yard extended
1828 08Fire at George Lane Fox’s house Bramham Park
1828Methodist Chapel, High St built
1829Benjamin Maddock moved out of Vicarage to Egerton House
1830 02W C Bellhouse appointed Master of the Grammar School
1830 06Miss Tasker Ladies Boarding School now at Toulston
1830 07Stoner and Elsworth’s school (Wharfe Place Academy opens)
1830 12Partnership dissolved between solicitors James Upton and Benjamin Blaydes Thompson
1831Flax Mill opened at Clifford
1835 01Stoner and Elsworth’s School at Vicarage
1835 06Gas lighting at Tadcaster
1836 09Ainsty of York and West Riding amalgamated – Tadcaster East and West in single County (West Riding of Yorkshire)
1837 12First Steeplechase at Tadcaster
1839Second Lord Howden succeeds to Grimston
1839 05Backhouse and Hartley arrange carriage to Bolton Percy Station to meet trains
1840First train London to York – coaching traffic through Tadcaster  adversely affected
1840 06Railway Coach Office opens at George & Dragon public house
1841White Horse closes
1842 06Clifford church opens
1842 12Yorkshire Agricultural and Commercial Bank collapses including Tadcaster branch
1843 06Angel Inn for sale
1843 11Application to Parliament for railway line from Harrogate to Bolton Percy
1844 10Railway from Harrogate to Church Fenton proposed
1844 11Jane Hartley advertises brewery for sale
1844 John Allenby builds new corn & seed mill (Pages Mill)
1845Tithe maps produced for Tadcaster East and West
1845 07Royal Assent for Church Fenton – Harrogate railway
1845 10Contracts let for railway construction
1845 11Application to Parliament for railway line from York to Leeds via Tadcaster
1845Jane Hartley sells brewery to David Backhouse and John Hartley
1846First Ordnance Survey map of Tadcaster
1846 06Royal Assent for York-Leeds railway line
1847 03First reference to a Tadcaster Police Station
1847 08 07Railway open from Church Fenton to Spofforth
1847New Street referred to as Brewhouse Lane
1847John Smith become brewery manager of Backhouse and Hartley brewery
1848 03 25Steam Mill advertised for sale
1848 07 22Railway open from Church Fenton to Harrogate
1848Viaduct built over Wharfe for Leeds – York railway
1848 03Steam corn mill advertised for sale
1848 11 11Leeds-York railway plans abandoned
1849Leeds Road opened between Stutton Road and Union Corner
1849 06Stoner and Elsworth’s school now at Toulston
1850Old Fleece (Westgate) buildings built by Benjamin Blaydes-Thompson
1850Steam mill closed
1851 01Steam corn mill at Stutton advertised for sale
1850 06Strafford House Academy – William Stacey
1850 11Lord Londesborough takes possession of Grimston Park
1852John Smith buys brewery
1852New Street known as Rishworth Street
1852John Rishworth buys “Pages” mill
1853 01Market Day moves from Wednesday to Monday
1853 01Strafford House School – Headmaster Wm Stacey
1853John Rishworth forms partnership for mill with J A Ingleby and E Lofthouse
1854Church Yard separated from churchyard by a wall
1854/5Rishworth Partnership leases “Ingleby’s” Mill
1855 07Lord Londesborough buys manor of Tadcaster
1855Angel Inn closes – White Horse reopens as Londesborough Hotel
1855 02Classical, Commercial and Mathematical Academy, Stutton Grove – Headmaster Wm Stacey
1855 05Rose & Crown, Coach & Horses and Railway Hotel for auction
1855 07George Wyndham (last of the Percy family) sells property in Tadcaster to Lord Londesborough
1856Purpose-built Police Station built in York Road
1856 07 25Church Fenton railway accident killed Godfrey Braime
1856 10Inholmes, Charles Shann’s house completed
1857 08Earliest reference to Tadcaster Town Hall
1858 10First known photograph of Tadcaster, showing St Mary’s
1858Clock with 3 faces existed at St Mary’s Church
1860 01 15Death of first Lord Londesborough
1860 11Death of the first Benjamin Blaydes Thompson (solicitor)
1861 01Fire destroyed Ingleby’s Mill
1861 10Weslyan Methodist Chapel registered for marriages
1862Harrogate railways remodelled making Church Fenton to Harrogate line a through line.
1863 04Queen v Healaugh case over non-repair of footpath
1865Mrs. Levers incident at Workhouse (Back Lane)
1867 09Cattle Market reopened following outbreak of “Cattle Plague”
1869St Joseph’s Church built
1869Back Lane renamed St Joseph’s Street
1869 06Bell ringers’ strike recorded in newspapers
1870Post office moves to High Street from Bridge Street
1870Boys’ Sunday School constructed in Church Yard.  The Sunday School in Westgate became the Girls’ Sunday School.
1872Union Workhouse built between Leeds Road and Station Road
1872 11Tadcaster –Hob Moor Turnpike becomes open road
1873 01Ripon and Knaresborough Old Bank opens Tadcaster Branch at Allens Ironmongers, Bridge Street
1873 05Land for Cemetery (Leeds Road) being sought
1873 06Londesborough sale of much property in and around Tadcaster
1873Colonel Fairfax becomes Lord of the Manor
1875 04Commissioners for Board School elected
1875 06Tenders for Church rebuild invited
1875 08Church closes for reconstruction
1875New Brewery (Wilson and Cundall, Kirkgate) built
1876Churchyard closed for new burials
1876Railway line Wetherby to Crossgates opened
1877 05Church rebuild completed
1877 11Cemetery in Leeds Road opened
1878 01Board School (Station Road) opens
1878 11Tadcaster and Otley Turnpike becomes open road
1878Curate of Bolton Percy, Henry Hunnings, gets patent for carbon granule microphone.
1879Wilson & Braime’s Ales advertised
1879John Smith dies, William Smith takes over John Smith’s Brewery
1879Ingleby converts mill to Roller Mill
1880 07Wilson and Braime partnership dissolved
1881Benjamin Braime at Victoria Brewery
1881Wilson and Cundall “New Brewery” in Kirkgate
1882 02Wilson and Cundall New Brewery advert
1882 07Chapel in Mill Lane demolished
1882 11Tower Brewery opened
1883John Smith’s new brewery opens
 1883Railway line planned over viaduct to supply the Mill
1883May Day procession (possibly the first)
1885First electric lighting in town at flour mill
1887New Brewery (Wilson & Cundall) enlarged with new tower
1887New clock for St Mary’s Church – this is the current clock
1888 04Railway line over viaduct to mill opens
1889Grain warehouse at mill brought into use.
1889 07John Smith’s install electricity generator
1889 08Skew Bridge (railway bridge over Leeds Road) widened to accommodate 3 railway lines
1889 11Proposed Wharfe Navigation improvements.  Act of Parliament subsequently passed.
1892William Cundall of Wilson and Cundall Brewery dies
1890Dawson’s School building, Leeds Road/London Road opens (Bequest 1795)
1891First telephone directory for Tadcaster
1894Edwin Wilson of Wilson and Cundall Brewery dies
1894Benjamin Braime buys Wilson and Cundall Brewery (Kirkgate)
1894 12 31First meeting of Tadcaster Rural District Council
1895Tadcaster Rural District Council purchased its first steam roller
1895Medical Officer’s Report shows 50 water pumps in Tadcaster
1898 02Church enlarged on north side by moving wall 8 feet.
1899Braime’s Brewery  becomes Braime’s Tadcaster Breweries
1899Victoria Brewery (opposite Methodist Church in High Street) sold to John Smiths, Braime’s move to New Brewery in Kirkgate.
1899Telephone directory shows 15 Tadcaster phone numbers (Exchange in Bridge St)

1900 to present

1900 02Stutton Church opened
1900Flour milling ceased at Mill
1901 06Tadcaster Electricity Company created using mill for generation
1901Edward Laycock of Islington bought an engine from Thurlows of Stowmarket
1901John Smith’s eastern (180’) chimney built
1902Tadcaster District Electric Lighting Order
1902 08Contract signed for street lighting Tadcaster West
1902 09First electric street light
1902Some properties in Tadcaster supplied with water from Bilbrough.  This water was very hard.
1903 04Braimes Brewery (Kirkgate) combines with Wharfedale Brewery
1903Leeds City Brewery takes over Braimes and Wharfedale public houses
1904John Ingleby (Mill owner) owned a steam car
1904Medical Officer’s Report says most wells abandoned in favour of piped water
1905Stutton station closed
1906Tadcaster Grammar School and Dawson’s School combine
1906 11Floods drive barge against bridge
1908Braime’s Brewery (Kirkgate) closes
1908Church Bells recast and 2 additional bells provided making 8 bells at St Mary’s
1908 03Tenders invited for conversion of former Tadcaster Grammar School in Church Yard to Police Station
1910Post Office moves from High St to Westgate. Telephone exchange moved to same site.
1913 07 13First press reference to “Tadcaster Cinema” at the Town Hall.  It became the Cosy Cinema.
1915 07Recruiting campaign in Tadcaster involving cars in Market Place
1915 08 25Frank Thorman, architect, killed on railway line near Newton Kyme
1921Beckett’s Bank (corner of Kirkgate/Bridge Street) taken over by Westminster Bank
1921Ingleby’s Mill sold to John Smiths
1921 01Tadcaster Airfield (Bramham Moor) sale
1921 08War memorial constructed
1925Riley Smith Hall opened
1925Medical Officer’s Report shows 15 of 40 parishes of Tadcaster RDC had piped water.
1933 07Ideal Bus Co providing Leeds-York service taken over by West Yorkshire Road Car Co
1933Medical Officer’s Report shows 82% of houses in Tadcaster RDC had piped water.
1934Last burial in churchyard
1935 07Traffic Lights installed at Bramham Cross Roads
1936Council Offices built in Station Road
1938Regal Cinema opens
1938 Highfield becomes vicarage.  Old Vicarage vacated
1938Automatic Telephone Exchange built (Westgate/Westfield)
1939Dual carriageway to York opened
1940 05Construction of Thorp Arch Munitions Factory begins
1940 06Fire Station built (behind Council Offices in Station Road)
1941Tadcaster Electricity Company became an independent concern
1942One carriageway of Tadcaster to York road used to store military vehicles
1943Halifax Bomber crashes at Smaws
1945 08 04Quaker Burial Ground given to Tadcaster to be used as a garden for the public
1946Thorp Arch closed (date to be confirmed)
1946Hammonds buy Tower Brewery
1947Tadcaster Electricity Company absorbed by Yorkshire Electricity Board
1947Healaugh Manor demolished
1951Thorp Arch munitions reopened due to Korean War
1953Medical Officer’s Report shows 94% of houses in Tadcaster RDC had piped water.
1953John Smith’s eastern (180’) chimney demolished
1955Viaduct closed to rail traffic
1955Central Electricity Authority terminated their tenancy of the Mill.
1957Tadcaster fed with water from the Leeds supply
1958Becca Hall purchased by Central Electricity Generating Board
1958Thorp Arch munitions factory closed
1959Tadcaster Grammar School moves to Toulston, Leeds Road site vacated
1960Hammonds merge with Northern Breweries to become Hammonds United Brewery
1962Charrington’s merge with Hammonds (Tower Brewery)
1963The Ark Museum opens
1964 01 04Railway closes to passengers, remains open to freight
 1964Ingleby’s Mill demolished
1964John Smiths bottling plant, formerly Braimes Brewery demolished
1965Clearance in Chapel Street begins
1965Council Offices (Station Road) extended
1966Railway line closes to all traffic
1967Police and fire station move to Station Road
1967Riverside Primary School opens (Junior’s only)
1967 09 30Skew Bridge (railway bridge over Leeds Road) demolished
1967Charringtons merge with Bass (owners of Tower Brewery)
1970s[Infants moved to Riverside – date not certain]
1970 08Courage take over of John Smiths approved
1970Westminster Bank becomes National Westminster Bank
1971Railway station buildings demolished
1971Imperial Group take over Courage (John Smiths)
1972Maurice Thackrah dig at Kirkby Wharfe Roman villa
1973Yorkshire Water Authority responsible for water supply to Tadcaster
1974Local Government Reorganisation – Tadcaster RDC closes – Selby takes over
1976Regal Cinema closes
1976Londesborough Hotel (formerly White Horse) closes
1977Tadcaster East Primary School opens
1977New telephone exchange (6 digit numbers) opens at Station site
1977Angel & White Horse reopens
1978 05 24Bypass opens two way on eastbound carriageway
1978 08 21Tadcaster Bypass opens
1980Footpath over viaduct opens
1981Methodist Chapel renovated  (July 1980?)
1981Library moves to Station Road (former Infants School)
1984Coop Store (Westgate) closes
1984Pages buy Grain Store site in Mill Lane
1984 02 24Duke of Edinburgh visited John Smith’s (Courage)
1985Grain Store demolished in Mill Lane
1986Hanson take over Imperial Tobacco (Owners of John Smiths)
1986Hanson sell John Smiths Brewery to Elders/Fosters
1987British Legion vacate Old Vicarage
1987Union Workhouse  (Leeds Road/Station Road) demolished
1988Duke of Somerset’s house (Kirkgate) restored
1988 04St Joseph’s School moves to former Board School in Station Road
1989Health Centre, Crab Garth opens
1989The Ark Museum closes
1989Privatised Yorkshire Water replaces Yorkshire Water Authority
1992Special Constable Glenn Goodman murdered by IRA at Headley Bar
1993Pages Mill demolished
1994Swimming Pool opens
1994Leeds Road Garage rebuilt
1995Supermarket, Mill Lane opens (Presto)
1995Scottish & Newcastle take over John Smiths
1997Old Vicarage restored
1998Presto supermarket becomes Safeway
1999Midland Bank rebranded HSBC
2000Bass Charringtons sold to Coors
2003Construction of covered Bus Station completed
2005Safeways supermarket becomes Sainsbury’s
2005Coors becomes Molson Coors (Tower Brewery)
2008Heineken take over Scottish & Newcastle (John Smiths)
2014HSBC Bank closure (early 2014)
2015 04Archaeological Dig on river bank
2015 12Flooding damages river bridge (1791 widening side)
2016Post Office, Westgate closes
2017Bridge reopened after reconstruction
2017 08NatWest Bank Bridge St closes
2018 08Kitchen/Toilet  built in St Mary’s Church
2021 07Gill’s Chemist, Market Place closes
2021 11Farm track (Stutton Road to Dorchester Road) surfaced
2022 12 24Chocolate Box, Kirkgate closes
2023 08Halifax Building Society closes Bridge St Branch


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